our story

our story

petit by basics is a part of by basics – a danish company with old virtues.

the company was founded in 2015 by a team of passionate people who wanted to make ethical and uncompromising basic clothing.the by basics team is:

klaus christiansen, ceo, responsible for supply chain and sales. has worked within the textile industry formore than 30 years – as well as a salesman and as an independent sub-supplier for different danish brands.

peter grensteen, coo, responsible for sales and administration. holds more than 20 years of experience inadministration and business development.

anne dorte thøger, head of design and product management (cdo). responsible for product developmentand design. she has served many years as a designer for various danish brands – until she wentindependent together with klaus in 2002.

gitte borup, head of marketing and some (cmo). responsible for promotion activity, content, and mediaplatforms. similar to anne dorte, gitte has several years’ experience in design and interior styling.we pride ourselves only to make products that meet our high requirement for quality and comfort. ourgarments are natural based and manufactured within the eu.the starting point is always cosy comfort in danish design inspired by the scandinavian lifestyle. we call itslow fashion because we design fashion that last season after season.

we believe inpassion– we are devoted and sincere in everything we do
ethical mindset– we encourage only to buy what you need
craftsmanship– local artisans make our clothes
design– we design for people ... to wear and love

we believe in...

passion– we are devoted and sincere in everything we do

ethical mindset– we encourage only to buy what you need

craftsmanship– local artisans make our clothes

design– we design for people ... to wear and lov

the 3 c’s

we are firm believers in community, consciousness, and craftmanship: community two of the greatest joys of having a small, independent business are the people and our partners. petit by basics and own were built by not only our blood, sweat, and tears but with the help and supportof our families, colleagues, and customers. we work with people we respect and who give us joy. we loveto see our clothes worn by people who share our philosophy.we invite fellow conscious brands into our community. we believe that partnerships with inspiring peoplewho also do their best to treat people and the planet well create synergy for the whole. consciousness every day, people are bombarded with decisions. one of our goals is to make your choice in shopping more straight forward and transparent. therefore, all petit by basics products are ethically made with a sustainable focus: no animals being harmed, no use of harmful chemicals, an ”only buy what you need”approach and social responsibility. we believe in reducing waste as much as possible. for instance, we cut our wool by hand, reusing patterns repeatedly. the cut-offs are either used for smaller styles or unravelled at a nearby factory and reused. wedo not want anything to go to waste.craftsmanshipwe seek our inspiration from everyday beauty: from nature, the city, what we eat, see, and feel. we use natural and biodegradable materials in everything possible. we treasure the longtime traditions of craftsmanship through the details of our goods.we have our own production facility in poland. employees are treated with respect, fair and competitive salary with no piecework and with good healthcare provision.

a 360° ethical way of working

this is how we work: it all begins with the raw materials.
we choose manufacturers from an ethical and environmental perspective – forinstance, materials are oeko-tex-certified, all cotton is organic, and all wool is mulesing-free. in addition, our subcontractors are required to have specific certifications to ensure ethical production and a good working environment. when it comes to production, we control the entire process and make sure to take proper care of our employees, the environment, and the quality of the output. in addition, we strive for long term partnerships with all stakeholders, including our agents and the stores selling our brands. we have our productionteam in poland, a local team in portugal, and long-lasting partnerships with our producers in portugal and denmark. we visit the facilities regularly and have internal processes to ensure everything is done, and every one is treated correctly and ethically. in everything we do, we strive to find the best possible solution. we work together as a team. we treat each other with respect and honesty. no shortcuts: we want every thing to be done properly, keeping people and the planet as our focus.
petit by basics today for a better tomorrow.
mindfully made and timeless essentials for your little one.